1 Odarka Xplay 2
Odarka Xplay 2 Download Free!

Odarka Xplay 2

Odarka Xplay is a very thin, compact, expandable media player, an audio-video picture player without frames. It plays everything on which codecs are present, including IP TV and radio. Just add a link to a stream, for example from M3U playlists. Advanced settings allow you to change themes and even create your own and hence customize the player. The software does not affect the Windows registry when installing unless permitted. Supports Drag & Drop, so you may drag and drop files from your folders to the application form, manage the XBOX compatible joystick as a remote control and much, much more!
2 The Pager
The Pager Download Free!

The Pager

The Pager is an application for Windows and OS X. The Pager uses an Internet connection (4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE or WiFi) for messaging.
3 Simple Audio Converter
Simple Audio Converter Download Free!

Simple Audio Converter

Simple Audio Converter converts music in the following formats: MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV, AMR, AIFF, MP2, APE, DTS, M4R, AC3, VOC, etc.
4 MP3 Packer
MP3 Packer Download Free!

MP3 Packer

A very interesting program that allows you to reduce the size of MP3 files, without degrading the sound quality.
5 Video To Mp3 Converter
Video To Mp3 Converter Download Free!

Video To Mp3 Converter

Video To MP3 Converter is a tool that allows you to convert any video files saved on your computer into audio, which can be easily played in any audio player.
6 Painter
Painter Download Free!


Painter is a simple image editor. It allows you to create pictures, edit or create new images, and so on. In addition, it can be used to save graphics files in various formats.
7 Odarka Xplay
Odarka Xplay Download Free!

Odarka Xplay

This is our revamped music, video, and picture player/viewer with interchangeable skins to change the look as desired.
8 Pixet
Pixet Download Free!


Use Pixet as a sprite editor for bitmaps! Draw sprites, tiles or whole levels for your games! Find your inspiration with Pixet!
9 Ads Blocker
Ads Blocker Download Free!

Ads Blocker

Standalone Ads Blocker - it is a tiny application which will save you from annoying ads.
10 Speed Reading
Speed Reading Download Free!

Speed Reading

Exercises that promote attention and peripheral vision will help develop speed reading capabilities.
11 Falco Browser
Falco Browser Download Free!

Falco Browser

Falco Browser is striking in its simplicity and efficiency.
12 Polar Studio
Polar Studio Download Free!

Polar Studio

This new game designing software for Windows allows you to create a game without knowledge of programming languages.
13 lsinput
lsinput Download Free!


This program emulates pressing the keyboard, moving and clicking the mouse with a joystick xbox layout.
14 Custom Sword
Custom Sword Download Free!

Custom Sword

Custom Sword is a free utility that allows you to create many different and beautiful virtual swords.
15 Computer Monitoring
Computer Monitoring Download Free!

Computer Monitoring

This Program can: Rename the Recycle Bin and the Control Panel. etc.
16 Easy HTML
Easy HTML Download Free!


This is a little programm which can help you to create your own website, buttons with tags and attributes can help you whit it.
17 Brod Head
Brod Head Download Free!

Brod Head

Our team GameTruDev have developed a Web Browser for everyday use.
18 Nexus In Your Life
Nexus In Your Life Download Free!

Nexus In Your Life

Program to turn off the computer and alarm clock memo simultaneously!
19 Odarka
Odarka Download Free!


This is a music, video, picture player/viewer, with interchangeable skins to change the appearance while supporting the most modern formats.
20 Video Browser 2
Video Browser 2 Download Free!

Video Browser 2

This program is designed to create a list of video files stored on your computer for easy browsing.
21 No Smoking
No Smoking Download Free!

No Smoking

Youve tried to quit smoking time and time again, but the cigarettes always seem to win?
22 Secured Pad
Secured Pad Download Free!

Secured Pad

Notepad for safe storage of records.
23 WebCam Manager
WebCam Manager Download Free!

WebCam Manager

WebCam Manager, as the name implies, can manage webcams connected to PCs.
24 Spy Desktop
Spy Desktop Download Free!

Spy Desktop

Do you want to know they are doing at your computer in your absence?
25 Meme Creator
Meme Creator Download Free!

Meme Creator

MemeCreator is a program that will allow you to create memes on your own background image.
26 PDF To PNG Converter
PDF To PNG Converter Download Free!

PDF To PNG Converter

PDFtoPNG Converter is a small application for Windows.
27 You Tube Free
You Tube Free Download Free!

You Tube Free

YouTube Free program designed for any internet user to quickly and easily download videos to their computer.
28 Working Time Manager
Working Time Manager Download Free!

Working Time Manager

The task of the organization of work time is extremely important for any indie developer.
29 What Pad
What Pad Download Free!

What Pad

Very handy tool for working with rtf and txt file formats.
30 Falco Free XLS Library
Falco Free XLS Library Download Free!

Falco Free XLS Library

Falco Free XLS Library allows create XLS, XLSX files on your computer.
31 Falco Free Animated GIF Library
Falco Free Animated GIF Library Download Free!

Falco Free Animated GIF Library

Falco Free Animated GIF Library allows create, load, save animated GIFs.
32 Falco Auto Shutdown
Falco Auto Shutdown Download Free!

Falco Auto Shutdown

Falco Auto Shutdown is a program for automatic shutdown of your computer.
33 Falco Game Player
Falco Game Player Download Free!

Falco Game Player

Falco Game Player is a collection of HTML5 and Flash Games.
34 Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock Download Free!

Alarm Clock

The Alarm Clock program is exactly what it sounds like.
35 Tester
Tester Download Free!


Tester is a program for creating tests and test people use created tests.
36 Magic Sprayer
Magic Sprayer Download Free!

Magic Sprayer

Magic Sprayer is for drawing tolerant objects and gradient/primitives.
37 Small Object Viewer
<small>Small Object Viewer</small> Download Free!

Small Object Viewer

useful utility for both novices and professionals working in the graphics API Direct (X) environment
38 Avto K
Avto K Download Free!

Avto K

AvtoK is a multi auto-clicker software for recording and playback of actions performed by your keyboard and mouse.
39 PC Cleaner
PC Cleaner Download Free!

PC Cleaner

PC Cleaner is designed to optimize and clean your system.
40 Ping Master
Ping Master Download Free!

Ping Master

AgataSoft Auto PingMaster automates the process of diagnosis
41 Halotea Free
Halotea Free Download Free!

Halotea Free

Mirolit Halotea is a unique application for sound atmosphere creation and relaxation.
42 Drag N Drop Notes
Drag N Drop Notes Download Free!

Drag N Drop Notes

This is the program for creating quick notes.
43 Keyboard Shortcuts Manager
Keyboard Shortcuts Manager Download Free!

Keyboard Shortcuts Manager

Keyboard Shortcuts Manager is a powerful easy-to-use program for creating and managing keyboard shortcuts
44 Duplicate Image Finder
Duplicate Image Finder Download Free!

Duplicate Image Finder

Our new freeware program, Duplicate Images Finde
45 PasteManager
PasteManager Download Free!


You can configure a set of personal details, for example, and use the assigned keyboard shortcuts to paste
46 Program Maker
Program Maker Download Free!

Program Maker

This program allows you to create programs and games with minimal effort.
47 Hide Windows
Hide Windows Download Free!

Hide Windows

The program, Hide Windows Freeware Edition is a small utility designed to hide windows programs
48 Auto ShutDown
Auto ShutDown Download Free!

Auto ShutDown

Auto ShutDown is a program that is designed to automatically shut down your computer.
49 Video Browser
Video Browser Download Free!

Video Browser

This program was designed to create a list of video files
50 Free YouTube To MP3
Free YouTube To MP3 Download Free!

Free YouTube To MP3

This program is for downloading videos from YouTube and converting them to MP3 format.
51 Weapon Sprite Creator
Weapon Sprite Creator Download Free!

Weapon Sprite Creator

A unique program that allows you to create the sprites of weapons

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